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Window film reflects 30 – 80% of Solar Energy

Window film reduces up to 20 % of winter heat loss through windows.

Window film reduces up to 99.9% of the ultraviolet radiation.

Window film reduces glare from 30 to 95 % which helps reduce eye strain.

Fully reflective films make windows one-way mirrors for daytime privacy.

Window film binds tightly to glass, making it shatter resistant, safer and meets federal code.

Tint Man window films have distortion-free optical clarity.  Tint Man offers the best warranty in the business with 5 or 7 year coverage. Lifetime on some films for interior applications and 2-year coverage for exterior applications.

A complete Tint Man product line will help customers choose the right products for their homes and buildings.

Tint Man stays on the leading edge of window film technology, always refining and improving their product line.


Occupants are much more comfortable; buildings are cooler, and utility bills are lower.

Fading caused by ultraviolet rays is reduced; adding life to draperies, carpets, furniture.  Protects fine art.

Eyestrain is lessened; Glare is reduced on television and computer screens; interior lighting is easier to control; view is restored; Draperies can be left open.

Daytime privacy is increased without losing the view; Appearance of older buildings is modernized by eliminating the “checkerboard” look.

The chances of injury from shattered glass, property damage, and loss due to theft are decreased.

Customers can match the appearance of the film to their décor.

Film becomes invisible when viewed from the inside.

Customers are certain that Tint Man stands behind its products, knowing that replacement is guaranteed within the warranty period for warranted defects.

The film will match the building, providing solar control and safety while enhancing the exterior and interior appearance.

After years, Tint Man still leads the industry in quality and innovation.  Customers receive the latest products most suited to their needs.

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